Exero Labs is a Cleveland-based company dedicated to athlete performance.

EXO-1, the first product from Exero Labs, was born from co-founder Zoltan Mesko's experience with the game of football, first playing for the New England Patriots and now coaching high school football. To address growing safety concerns in the sport, the Exero Labs team has developed an innovative impact reduction device to complement advances in football helmet design.

Well known for his community service, Zoltan views the EXO-1 as another opportunity to make a lasting impact on the game. The Exero Labs founding team of Tyler Biddix, Kari O'Neil, Brian Powers, Ben Rizzo, and Alec Williams, brought together diverse expertise--corporate strategy, marketing, professional athletics, medicine, law, finance, and education--to develop and commercialize innovative new technologies. Having raised its inaugural round of funding in 2016, Exero Labs is partnering with a top engineering team to develop the product and bring it to market, with the goal of making football safer for youth and high school players across the country.