Cutting-edge impact reduction for football helmets

EXO-1 spreads the force of a hit to the head over space and time, resulting in a reduction of damaging accelerative forces.


  • Patent-pending leaf-spring technology diffuses impact, reducing damaging impact forces
  • Easily attaches to the front of any football helmet
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic, low-friction design
  • Customizable to team colors



EXO-1 has been subjected to independent 3rd party testing. If you are interested in learning more about the testing results or partnering with us for further testing, please contact us at info@impactlabsusa.com. 

Presales of the EXO-1 are starting soon.

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To have peace of mind knowing that my child could have this extra protection fuels my support for this product.
— Chad Henne, Jacksonville Jaguars